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Aaditya Computers has built its business on personal and professional relationships with its customers since 2009. Aaditya computers is based in locally owned and operated, Aaditya's strong management team and core commitment to customer satisfaction have facilitated its growth and stability in an industry governed by change. Our Organization is built on a foundation of a competent and hardcore professional from computer industry with the ability to find the right solution for requirement and problem. After discussions with clients to understand their requirements, we suggest most suitable combination of hardware & software.

We offer the best in computer equipment and skilled technical services with prompt and
professional support. We employ technicians that are Microsoft, Novell, Cisco Certified.

Following are the areas we help you take right decisions.

  • Selecting desktop computers / nodes
  • Network designing & security
  • Selecting ideal location for server & switches
  • Selecting server
  • Selecting hardware firewall
  • Selecting server rack
  • Selecting OS for server & desktop computers
  • Selecting networking switches / patch panels
  • Selecting printers / multifunction
  • Selecting routers
  • Selecting backup devices & software (internal / external)